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Phoenix Identity

Powered by ERC-1484, this protocol creates digital identities and allows for dApps, apps, and APIs to be developed on top with an interoperable identity layer.


Phoenix Authentication

Blockchain based two-factor authentication for consumers and business use cases.


Phoenix Payments

Smart contracts to facilitate payments without a 3rd party escrow service.


Phoenix Storage

File storage smart contracts built on IPFS.


Phoenix Tokenization

Compliant tokenization of any physical or digital asset on-chain using Phoenix Identity and Authentication protocols.


Phoenix DAO

Self sustaining governance over the ecosystem.

Setting new standards for DAOs

1. All spending will be voted on by the DAO and every PHNX spent posted on our running budget page.

2. The Phoenix DAO does not rely on donations; it is self sustaining through the Phoenix dApp Store.

3. By participating in governance, you can earn PHNX.

4. Open framework for participation, and enables anyone around the globe to push the ecosystem forward.

5. By staking your PHNX into the contracts, you are able to earn rewards.

Learn more about what makes our DAO unique here

Phoenix dApp Store

1. Decentralized hub for digital identity based dApps.

2.Events Marketplace allows event attendees to secure tickets with crypto and verify authenticity of peer to peer ticket transfers via Phoenix Identity protocol.

3.A developer can build an application and submit it to the store from anywhere in the world.

4.These dApp proposals will be accepted and voted on by the Phoenix DAO before being built and added to the store.

5.Growing set of developer tools and resources for devs to have all the tools they need to build their first, second or third dApp.

PhoenixDAO (PHNX) Token Distribution

  • 40%

    Community Airdrop, HYDRO Holders
  • 30%

    Phoenix DAO Foundation
  • 15%

    DAO rewards
  • 15%

    DAO Fund

2020 PhoenixDAO Roadmap

Here is a snippet of what we have been working on, where we are now and where we plan to be!

Stage 01

Phoenix Authentication

Stage 02

Phoenix Identity

Stage 03

Phoenix Tokenization

Stage 04

DAO development

Stage 05

dApp Store v2

Stage 06

5 Flagship dApps

  • Events Marketplace (Complete).
  • The remaining 4 will be voted by the community to choose what they will build.

Stage 07

Phoenix Storage contracts pushed to mainnet.

Stage 08

Phoenix Payments smart contracts audited and pushed to mainnet.

Meet the Team

Kyle Gibson

Global Communications Director

Kyle is the director of communications and provides the DAO with community support and management.

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Hugbo Clement

Global Design/Marketing Director

Clement is a Product designer and developer, responsible for the foundation's products identity, marketing and media.

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Monte Thomas

Global Partnerships Director

Monte is the director of partnerships and responsible for the foundation's legal activities and growth

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Syed Fahad Hussain

Global Blockchain Director

Fahad is the Director of Blockchain. He is charged with the aim of integrating dApp Developers and building the DAO's blockchain community devs.

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Our Ambassadors

Ryan Collins

Ambassador | Australia

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Craig Snowball

Ambassador | United Kingdom

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James Morillo

Ambassador | Singapore

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